I was so pleased when my mom subscribed to Taste of Home as a Christmas gift to me. Then I received it.

What happened to this fine mag I used to get? Now it's filled with ads, the quality is nowhere near what I remember and the recipes are not inspiring to me. So I looked in the front to see who the publisher was- no Reiman names anywhere. Ahhh, now I get it , it's owned by RD.

That explains the disappointing substance. I'll tell my mom not to waste her money on renewing this one.Another American item of quality relegated to fond memory status.

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I am not renewing my subscription either. I have decided that I will revisit the older editions of the magazine to find the types of recipes that attracted me to the magazine in the first place.


The title is "Taste of Home", and when I first suscribed many years ago, there were many recipes that I was at least familiar with. I am not a gourmet cook, nor do I and my family care for "cuisine".

We like good, healthy, simple, home cooked meals. I regularly watch Food Network, so ignorance is not the problem. Reiman selling out to publishers whose concern in volume, not quality, is the problem.

If I wanted Iron Chef recipes, I'd download them from that website! Once the subscription runs out, I will not renew it, but I will surely be inundated with renewal requests for some time to come.


I agree totally with Kscheu. Readers Digest did the same with Country Woman, another great Reiman publication.

I have dropped that subscription and intend to do the same with Tast of Home when the current subscription is finished.

Why did they have to FIX what wasn't broken. What a shame.


No Sally...YOU are the ***. Reiman Publications used to state that they were totally funded by subscriptions...not advertisements!

Karori, Wellington, New Zealand #102095

Oh it's full of advertisements? That's how they're able to stay in business. You're an ***.

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