Wellpinit, Washington
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I have received renewal notices for nearly 8 months. I am not renewing and I wish I would not get any more bills from you!

I will never subscribe to any magazines from Reiman publications. I have sent back many notices indicating I am not renewing, yet I continue getting offers. What should I do to keep you from sending these notices to me. I think the magazines are good and interesting, but your book keeping methods are intolerable and I am prejudiced against the magazines as a result.

Do not send me any more renewal notices. Your record methods are abhorent.

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I absolutely agree- Reiman publications is the king of spamming. I used to subscribe to two of their magazines.

Those were fine but I decided not to renew. I keep getting emails, renewal notices, book selling offers and each magazine has about 5 postcard inserts that keep falling out.

I know that they rely on subscriptions instead of ad revenue, but it's getting annoying. I did unsubscribe from their email list so that should at least take care of one arm of the spam.

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