Reiman Publications - Received 2013 Annual Christmas Taste of Home book. I did not want nor did I order.

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My acct # is 00029606985. Please send me a pre-paid return

address label asap. Also, please take my acct/name off of any

future automated mailings of books. I will order a book I want, when I want to. Thanks!!!! Alice Nelson

This is crazy, why do I have to have 100 words when I said what I had to say in 40? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why.

I'll tell you why, because you think if you make this hard enough

people will give up and keep your unwanted merchandise! This book sucks, this is not Taste of Home food, this is Gourmet cooking, not my type of cooking here.

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Reiman Publications - Much to my suprise.

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I wanted to express my great disappointment in the "Taste of Home homemade Food Gifts for 2013 and 2012. I have enjoyed many of Taste of Home products and call me strange but I keep many of your publications from year to year.

I was shopping recently when I noticed the new homemade Food Gifts issue in at the check out counter. After purchasing for the price of $9.99 plus tax. Since I am in the process of planning my homemade Christmas gifts for friends I thought I would pull out other issues of "homemade Food Gifts. Much to my surprise when I went through the 2012 issue I thought the pictures and recipes looked the same.

I than went from page to page finding two changes from the two issues. One on page 11 where you changed the picture for the Pumpkin Butter along with another on page 33 where 2013 issue now has a Friendship Brownie Mix and 2012 issue was Family Tree Fudgy Brownies. I think your editors should be ashamed of this quality of product put out, I for one am not happy with paying that kind of money for one new recipe, I could have gone on line to do that. Any purchases are going to be well thought about on my part as you now have lost my trust in your ability to put out fresh ideas.

You guys must really be raking in the money with no new photo shoots needed and using the same layout page after page. SHAME SHAME

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Monetary Loss: $11.

Reiman Publications - I can't stop your magazines from coming.


I have been getting your magazines, Reminisce for several years ans have asked several times that they be stopped. But, they continue to come despite the fact that I've not paid for any of them.

I get stressed out because I have not been able to find a way to contact you. So, stop it, it's driving me nuts! You have a very poor way of customers trying to reach you.

If you offered me anything else, I would decline simply because of your name. Now I angry that I have to write 100 words to get through this *** report.

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Monetary Loss: $1.


Old Fort, North Carolina, United States #936222

Have you checked to see if it is a gift subscription? Someone may be giving it to you, thinking that they are doing something nice.


We receive two copies of your magazine but only want one. One is in my name, Peggy K. Rathcke and the other one is for Richard Rathcke. Please do not send any more to him. The mailing label is no longer on my copy so I will just give you the info for the one we want to cancel. #BXNCXkC

#OC TOH 3 NOV13 0102. #151 #28249


28073 Croco Place

Canyon Country, CA. 91387-4241

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #718864

Your complaint here isn't going to make the magazines stop arriving. You are going to have to find a way to get hold of the company.

Reiman Publications - Duplicate issues


I have been trying resolve the problem of duplicate issues being sent to me. Several letters have been sent regarding the duplicated issues for April/May and now for June/July. I receive an e-mail date May 10, 2013 [Incident: 130508-000595] indicating that they needed copies of the labels, the Jun/Jun are as follows:

REM0644671919/1 J/J19 0018 P367




REM0799072533/7#200A3 FEB14

0075551 A3 200A3 00040049

Please take care of this and review my account to verify that I will receive the correct number of issues I have paid for. I was not able to access the e-mail address given on the message I received from Robin Parker-Customer Care dated May 10,2013 @1:50 pm.

I really don't want to have to contact you each month to inform you of the duplications. I would think you would be able to verify a subscription by name as well as by number.

Please get back to me ASAP with the status of my subscription for Reminisce Magazine. I assume you will be able to retrieve my name and address by the incident number provided.

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Monetary Loss: $13.

Reiman Publications - Paying for book I Did NOT order.

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This company is terrible. I did not order the Taste of Home annual recipes.

When it arrived unasked for, I tried to return it as "Refused". The P>O> refused to take it because the box was torn. (It was that way when they delivered it.) I believe the Ca. law says you do not have to pay for unsolicited merchandise nor do you have to return it.

I contacted Taste of Home telling them I was not going to pay and why. Their comment was to return the book. I live in a rural area where it is difficult for me to get to the P.O. Plus, I did not have anything to package it in.

Taste of Home continues to badger me and now has threatened to turn it over to a collection agency.

This company sucks the way they do business. I'll never order anything from Reiman again - ever.

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Monetary Loss: $31.

Reiman Publications - Paid for Healthy Cooking until 7/2015

Fenton, Michigan 1 comment
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I paid for Healthy Cooking through 7/2015 and have not received one issue this year. I received, no notice, no refund no offer of exchange and no apology.

I have been a customer for over 20 years of Taste of Home, and other Reiman magazines. That is the reward I get for pre paying and sending out gift magazines to friends and family. I don't think they are being fair to loyal customers.

I would like an apology and an extension of current magazine or offer of replacement magazine. I would like to know if anyone else has had this experience with Reiman Publications magazines.

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Monetary Loss: $35.



Healthy Cooking ceased publication last year. I only learned this because I received a copy of Taste of Home, which I hadn't subscribed to.

I then discovered that the only notice given to Healthy subscribers like me was in one of those envelopes holding offers for other Reiman publications that are packed along with loose advertising material in the plastic mailing cover of your magazine. I usually toss this stuff without looking at it, since it is basically the same every month and I don't want what the ads offer. Reiman should have notified subscribers in a separate mailing, since I'm sure many people just throw the excess material away when they open the plastic bag, as I do.

In any case, Reiman told me subscriptions for Taste would be substituted for the subscription for Healthy, so you should have been receiving copies of Taste. I didn't want that, so they sent me my remaining money back -- in the form of a gift card -- a nuisance, but that's another story.

Reiman Publications

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I canceled my series of cookbooks, but Reiman Publications keeps sending them. Any Ideas of how I can follow through on this?

I have been a customer since 1987. The customer service is disappointing, as I call and send e-mails and nothing is returned, although i do get a mail stating they will respond within 24 hours. Has anyone had a problem with this company? I have sent books back in the passed, but was still billed, them telling me they never received the book.

It's had to get a return label also.

It's just frustrating after all these years a company would treat there customers this way. TKS

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Monetary Loss: $90.


Iowa City, Iowa, United States #667380

What Reiman is doing is committing mail fraud. They keep sending me harassing letters threatening to turn me over to a collections agency called North Shore Agency, Inc. I've already reported them to the U.S. Post Office for mail fraud. Others should also report them. You can report them online at the U.S. Postal Inspectors site. Here is more information.

Receipt of Unsolicited Merchandise

A company sends you a gift in the mail--a ball point pen, a key chain, a tie. But you didn't order it. What do you do? If you are the type of person this company is looking for, you may feel guilty about accepting the item without paying for it. Don't feel guilty! It's yours, and you are under no obligation to pay anything.

You, the consumer, may only legally be sent two types of merchandise through the mail without your consent or agreement:

Free samples which are clearly and conspicuously marked as such.

Merchandise mailed by a charitable organization that is soliciting contributions.

And in these two cases, you can consider the merchandise a gift if you wish. In all other situations, it is illegal to send merchandise to someone, unless that person has previously ordered or requested it.

These rules are codified in Title 39, United States Code, Section 3009. That section of the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 incorporates these protections for American consumers and makes the mailing of unordered merchandise unfair methods of competition and unfair trade practices under the law.

If you do not wish to pay for unsolicited merchandise or make a donation to a charity sending such an item, you may do one of three things (in each case, by law, you have no obligation to the sender):

If you have not opened the package, you may mark it "Return to Sender," and the Postal Service will return it with no additional postage charged to you.

If you open the package and don't like what you find, you may throw it away.

If you open the package and like what you find, you may keep it for free. In this instance, "finders-keepers" applies unconditionally.

Furthermore, it is illegal for a company that sends you unordered merchandise to follow the mailing with a bill or dunning communication.

If you are aware of violations of the federal law prohibiting the mailing of unordered merchandise, or if you have personally had difficulty with such items--especially if you are sent statements demanding payment for the merchandise--you should contact you local postmaster or the nearest Postal Inspector.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #658863

You can do one of two things: just mark "return to sender" on the package and drop off at the post office, unopened. Or, you can open the package and keep the book.

Make sure you have really cancelled your orders with them, tho. I have had experience with these people and the best bet is to just send back unopened. It costs you nothing, but does cost them. Eventually, they get the message that you don't want their books.

Make sure you did not allow them to automatically bill your credit card, etc.

tho. Some peoplee do.

Reiman Publications - They Keep Sending Books When Order was Canceled

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They keep sending book even though I canceled my order. Customer Service is rude and they hang up on you when you try to explain.

I call No response, I e-mail them time and time again for two weeks and have not heard. They send me a message my message was received and they will respond in 24 hours.. it's been 96 hours. This has to be the worst company to do business with.

All I was asking for was to cancel my order. Hope this can be resolved.

Customer Service is out sourced they are rude and warning, they hang up on you.

Review about: Home Cookbooks.

Monetary Loss: $90.

Reiman Publications - Country

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There were no advertisements in any Reiman publications a few years ago, now it's almost every other page and this has ruined what used to be such a refreshing publication! I would rather pay more and not have the plethora of ugly ads filling the pages.

Please get back to the ad-less editions where a person can pick up at least one publication with no ads! It's like roadsigns ruining the beauty along a highway. I have no further interest in any of your magazines unless something changes and ads disappear once more. A former lover of Reiman magazines.

To me the ads are contradictory to the reason you publish these magazines- to share the beauty and glory of the USA.

Roberta L. Coon

Review about: Country Magazine.


Old Fort, North Carolina, United States #936225

I do agree that I would be willing to pay a little more to eliminate the ads. Unfortunately, not a lot of people agree with us in this tight economy.

Magazines are going out of business everyday due to dropping numbers of subscriptions. So, if it takes putting up with a few ads to keep a mag that I like in business, I guess I'll put up with it.

Reiman Publications - Quit sending me stuff I didn't order!!!!

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I have repeatedly written to you asking that you discontinue sending me your books. I know that you have received at least some of them as two of the correspondences were included with checks that were cashed.

I have refused many (at least 5!!!)! I even paid for one I refused that y'all still said I had. Am refusing another one today. This has gotten past thinking more of a scam at this juncture.


i have subscribed to your magazine for years, but would rather not have that any longer either. You are like dealing with a vat of leaches.


Bristol, Connecticut, United States #640740

My name is Krystal. I work in Customer Care for RDA which is the parent company for Reiman publications and I just came across your post.

I am sorry to learn that you are receiving books you do not wish to purchase. I am including our contact information below.


If you call or email us directly, one of our agents will be most happy to stop any future shipments.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service.


Customer Care

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