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Reiman Publications" Subscription Fulfillment Center at PO Box 5388, Harlan IA 51593-0888 has for three (3) times now, sent me received an invoice for some sort or Cooking magazine that I or my spouse did not order, receive or request a subscription too.I do not know how this company or group obtained my name and address but I suspect it was from a charity or AARP ffor whom I believe, sells their donor or membership roster.

If they persist, I will turn the matter over to the Postal Service for their disposition.

I have already discontinued my yearly charitable donation to organizations due to their repeated requests and continued solicitations.

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A friend of mine who is a senior citizen just recieved a book from Reiman and never oredered it. Reiman is obviously trying to do a shakedown on Senior citizens. Tomorrow I'm contacting the postal inspector.


I have received past due notices from Reiman for a subscription that is paid for 16 months in advance.When I call, they say that they are updating their system. Can't wait for subscription to run out. I'll buy the magazine at the store.


This is just a note to support many of the earlier comments.Today I received an "INVOICE" marked "PAYMENT PAST DUE" for a publication that I never ordered.

The accompanying letter says they have sent the first issue (which I do not recall ever receiving) and that they also previously sent an invoice (which I do not recall ever receiving.

I intend to ignore the communication!!!!:?


I recently was sent "A Taste of Home", within the plastic wrapper was an Invoice - funny enough they had my first and last name the same.I never ordered the magazine although the invoice reads "Thank you for your online order".

I called, received an overseas operator that was rude and barely spoke English asking for a copy of my "online order" to be sent to me - they told me they'd note in my file that I didn't wish to pay for the publication I ordered online...after several frustrating explanations that I didn't order the publication, she ended with the answer they'd discontinue the subscription (that I ordered, ugh...) and send me confirmation as to where I ordered it.

I have filed a formal complain with the FTC regarding Reiman Publications and Taste of Home Magazine - I suggest all follow suit.Today I just received an email that had a subject line as though it was a friend, with a similar friend's email address, opened it - guess what - it was an email from Taste of Home - the email had 2 buttons - Yes or No to "try their complimentary magazine" - upon rolling my cursor over - either button that I would have hit, would have confirmed that I wanted this magazaine - I don't know how this company remains in business with these types of tactics - I am once again filing a formal complain with copies of the email to the FTC.


We too have received "Reminisce" magazine without asking for it. Now we receive threatening letters to pay or they'll contact their collection agency. All of this and insults too.


reiman keeps sending unwanted cookbooks that i don't want just because i order books that i do want. and it's *** for them to be so pushy and ignorant and greedy.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #206380

For nearly two years, I have subscribed to REMINISCE & REMINISCE EXTRA magazines.

Sadly, I have been billed repeatedly for both magazines even though I had already paid these bills. Even telephoning my requests to your agents, obviously overseas, my orders were never correctly carried out. Rather than pursue dealing with Reiman Publications, after my final issue, hopefully arrives, in February-March, 2013, I shall desist in doing further business with Reiman Publication

Beverungen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #202695

Reiman Publications

5400 South 60th Street

Greendale, Wisconsin 53129

Magazines (Orders & Customer Service)


Country Store



:upset This started one day by recieving in the mail a book and side gift.I was gonna send it back not knowing where it came from, but I saw on the back corner it said "compliments of Charlotte W------.

My mother in laws full name etc who lives in another state. Well, Therefore I opened it. Weeks later I recieve a bill for $10.00. My name on the bill and all.

I called and told them I never ordered it. Mother in law said she did not either but does get a magazine from them. Well, on the phone they are fine as long as I go online print out label and send the stuff to them.

They are resolving it but this hassle should not be allowed to happen.Think of how MANY just pay the bill no questions asked...


I am stuck in the same web everyone here is in.My mother in law ordered Taste of Home for me 2 years ago.

Since then I have recieved these unsolicited cook books, which I always return to sender, and now I am getting a bill for one of the books. I have emailed them one last time. My dad is an attorney and I am going to get him to draft a letter and copy the 3 credit companies will all of my correspondence attached begging them to stop. I have also filed with FTC and got a case number but never heard anything back, but I will put that reference number in the letter as well.

I'll let you know if it works, but I doubt it.This HAS TO BE ILLEGAL!!!

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