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I have had Reiman subscriptions for years. Most recently, Country and Country Extra.

I have had missing issues and issues delivered on the last day of the month. I have inquired about this matter numerous times. Each time I am told the subscription is current, the address is correct and the magazines have been sent on time. I was also told the missing issues would be mailed or added on to the end of my subscription, all of which have NOT.

I was told to contact the post office. That is not MY responsibility. I have emailed Reiman Publisher’s and Reader’s Digest since it looks as if they have taken over Reiman. I get NO response what so ever.

I finally cancelled my accounts and had to ask twice for the refund. I got a DEBIT card, which is fine, but you had to call and have it “authorized” before using it. They stated a debit card is easier, not with that practice.

A check would have been easier for ME. So if anyone out there is having a problem or thinking of subscribing….DO NOT because of their un-excusable practice of not providing customer service.

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I have had the same problem with both reminisce & reminisce extra. I have had delivery issues with them for the past several years.

I can guarantee you this will be my last year subscribing to these magazines. My elderly father purchased me both magazine subscriptions as a Christmas present. It makes me angry because he is paying with what little money he has and in my opinion, they are stealing it. Every month I have to call and have another issue sent.

I've spoken to managers, supervisors and the post office. It's only their magazine I have issues with. I don't like the way they treat customers. They are rude, condescending and flippant.

I just had to call this morning...again!! I'm over them.

Reiman has changed,not for the better. I'm done.

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