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SCAM? Received Invoice 3rd Notice

I spoke with Taste of Home office this morning explaining I'd never subscribed to their magazine. The lady on the phone told me that a '3rd Party Agency' had subscribed for me in 1911 and this was a renewal notice! I'd not received the Taste of Home magazine these past years and told her the same. I was concerned because the letter indicates they will be 'forced to classify my account as delinquent, and additional collection activity becomes necessary'.

The Taste of Home office lady then explained 'well, don't pay any attention to what the letter states - I'll just clear your account - there is no need to worry'.

What do you think? Sounds like SCAM to me.

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I recently wrote to the editors of Reminisce magazines about the ads they have added to that once wonderful publication, and also mentioned that I've been getting Taste of Home, which I did not order, and said I do not pay for anything that I do not authorize. Maybe since I've been subscribed to Reminisce and Extra since 1992, they will overlook that.

The magazines are still in plastic.

to Milliwatt #858532

oops..... I meant Taste of Home is still in plastic. :D

Dallas, Texas, United States #804617

I'm getting this stuff too and from another "legitimate" company. These places are really getting desperate and they’re turning to extortion to get what they want.

It’s the same with some credit card companies who charge interest on completely paid off bills. They’re trying to find someone *** enough just to hand over the money without thinking.

Taste of Home is sending me bills also for something I never got and never ordered. I put a note on the back that I never asked for a subscription, never asked them to bill me later and never received anything.

I have better things to do with my time than go to the Better Business Bureau every two seconds because these losers want free money and try to extort it from the public. I don’t need this and neither does anybody else.


If Reiman tries to bill you, and oh they will, let them know you have copies of all the complaints against them on,, are many here at this site fact, just do a yahoo search on Reiman Publications scam....


Definite scam! Scam thing happened to my parents.

i.e. scam 3rd party company signed them up for Newsweek and a Spanish language magazine. My parents don't even know Spanish and don't like Newsweek!

Both mags cleared their accounts BUT now the scam 3rd party outfit is harassing my parents for payment! Of course they are NOT gonna pay those rats a dime.

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