Reiman Publications - Cookbook Review from Marlton, New Jersey

Marlton, New Jersey 0 comments
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They send bills for a nonsense cookbook I never ordered full of recipes I can easily find in magazines or on this amazing invention called the internet. I will no longer be subscribing to their magazine since their response to customer complaints and issues is to completely ignore it.

I never received a response besides a shipping label to return it. Guess what? Since it's an illegal practice, I am going to keep my free gift as I feel no obligation to go out of my way to return it. I will also never give TOH so much as another penny, no more gifts or recommendations to friend.

Use the internet for recipes and don't fall for this scam of a company. Worst customer service, on par with williams sonoma *** service!

This reviewer shared experience about pricing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Reiman Publications. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Reiman Publications - FROM CLASS TO MORASS

Hendersonville, North Carolina 0 comments
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I understand and agree with you. I'm not angry with Roy Reiman, in fact, I'm thinking of subscribing to his new magazine, "Our Iowa", and I don't even live in Iowa. :D His response to the PR manager of Reader's Digest was much more kind than I would have been. He did ask the new owner to promise to keep the magazine as it was; they promised, but greed got the best of them, I suppose.

I have all of the Reminisce magazines from 1990 or 91, when I first got the complimentary magazine. I subscribed the day after I saw it. I take Reminisce Extra and have all of those also, from whenever they began publishing it. After all those years, I will be cancelling Reminisce when it expires next year, and if I wasn't paid up for Reminisce Extra until 2017, I'd cancel that now too. I didn't think it could get worse, but guess what? In the latest issue, front cover boasts: "All new look". It's awful. Printed on paper that is rough-textured; reminds me of lightweight construction paper. No more 'photos worth framing'. I can find magazines like that anywhere. Reiman magazines were very special and pure class. I'm so glad I have the old ones. They are organized by year in notebooks and I do look through them periodically. It's so sad that Reader's Digest closed the Wisconsin offices and moved to New York. Now I get notices and requests to renew with every magazine. I keep close watch on when I pay. Also keep getting Taste of Home, which I did not order.

I wish the Reimans the best and thank them so much for these classy magazines of reminiscence.

Review about: Reminisce Magazine.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Reiman Publications - Country Women


I have not been pleased with the changes you have made to the Magazine. I want read about women who are not well known.

Dolly Parton is not in this category. This may have been a good report but I can pick up many magazines that report the type of information. I am looking for something original with everyday women and their lives, which I feel was focus of the magazine. Please do not change this focus because if you do I will drop my subscription.

I am also concerned that about a third of magazine is now ads.

I know in order to make it in the competitive market you have had to go to this, but I do not like it. At least you do try to do it at the end of one segment instead of splitting stories up.

Review about: Country Women.

Reiman Publications - To much advertisements

Chesterfield, Missouri 1 comment

I really enjoy getting my Reminisce Magazine. I started not enjoying my magazine when you started putting more advertisements in each magazine instead of the " good ole' stories ect." This was and even now is the only thing I have enjoyed reading about what is was like in the good ole' days.

I got my Reminisce Magazine and counted 20+ pages of advertisement when I first started getting my magazine there was maybe 2or3 pages, that's not bad then the last 3or4 magazines have more and more.

I wish you would put less advertisements and more of what the magazine is suppose to be, because that's what I'm paying for not advertisements. Thank you for looking in to this matter....

Review about: Advertisements.


Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #951313

Since this company was taken over by readers digest, all of the magazines have lost their uniqueness. I wish they could go back to the way they were with no advertising.

And then, I get a renewal notice for reminisce extra so I go on line to renew. It took forever to find out how to order the extra edition. I finally found a listing for it to be ordered cheaper than they quoted me on my renewal. What is that about?

This just may be my last order. I use to love these magazines.

Reiman Publications - Renewal a huge hassle

San Jose, California 0 comments
Not resolved

I received an offer for a 2 years renewal (plus an additional one year free) for $29.98 less an extra $5 off if I renewed online. This offer was for preferred customers.

The link furnished does not work. I tried calling and only got a voice mail/phone tree. I'm spending way to much time on this and probably won't renew due to the hassle.

I have always had some problem with renewals with Reiman Publications and it's just not worth the time spent. Hopefully they will address the issue as I'm sure many other customers have the same complaint.

Review about: 2 Years Renewal.

Reiman Publications - Invoice 3rd Notice - Taste of Home - SCAM?

Colbert, Washington 5 comments

SCAM? Received Invoice 3rd Notice

I spoke with Taste of Home office this morning explaining I'd never subscribed to their magazine. The lady on the phone told me that a '3rd Party Agency' had subscribed for me in 1911 and this was a renewal notice! I'd not received the Taste of Home magazine these past years and told her the same. I was concerned because the letter indicates they will be 'forced to classify my account as delinquent, and additional collection activity becomes necessary'.

The Taste of Home office lady then explained 'well, don't pay any attention to what the letter states - I'll just clear your account - there is no need to worry'.

What do you think? Sounds like SCAM to me.

Review about: Magazines Taste Of Home.



I recently wrote to the editors of Reminisce magazines about the ads they have added to that once wonderful publication, and also mentioned that I've been getting Taste of Home, which I did not order, and said I do not pay for anything that I do not authorize. Maybe since I've been subscribed to Reminisce and Extra since 1992, they will overlook that.

The magazines are still in plastic.

to Milliwatt #858532

oops..... I meant Taste of Home is still in plastic. :D

Dallas, Texas, United States #804617

I'm getting this stuff too and from another "legitimate" company. These places are really getting desperate and they’re turning to extortion to get what they want.

It’s the same with some credit card companies who charge interest on completely paid off bills. They’re trying to find someone *** enough just to hand over the money without thinking.

Taste of Home is sending me bills also for something I never got and never ordered. I put a note on the back that I never asked for a subscription, never asked them to bill me later and never received anything.

I have better things to do with my time than go to the Better Business Bureau every two seconds because these losers want free money and try to extort it from the public. I don’t need this and neither does anybody else.


If Reiman tries to bill you, and oh they will, let them know you have copies of all the complaints against them on,, are many here at this site fact, just do a yahoo search on Reiman Publications scam....


Definite scam! Scam thing happened to my parents.

i.e. scam 3rd party company signed them up for Newsweek and a Spanish language magazine. My parents don't even know Spanish and don't like Newsweek!

Both mags cleared their accounts BUT now the scam 3rd party outfit is harassing my parents for payment! Of course they are NOT gonna pay those rats a dime.

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Reiman Publications - Past Due notices


I got your the free copy of Country Woman that you offered and sent the invoice back saying I didn't want to subscribe as I was supposed to do. Now I keep getting past due bills on this magazine.

Please don't send me anymore or I'll have to send this complaint to the Consumers Affairs office in Pierre, SD.

You can be sure I won't take any more free copies of any of your magazines.

This has happened before to others and I should have known better than to try to get a magazine to preview.

Millie Rogers

Acct.02 5933-9463

Review about: Magazine Bills.

Reiman Publications - Do you still make and sell the Barn Calenders that you have sold for many years???

Boise, Idaho 0 comments
Not resolved

I would like to buy your barn calenders that you have sold for the past ten years or so. I have collected these wonderful calenders for the past ten years and would like to continue buying them.

I have bought many of the different subjects, for example the hummingbird ones, the barns, the cabins, the horses, cats, dogs, gardens, etc, etc. But when I came to put my order in this year the Taste of Home lady said you were not selling them anymore.

Why!! Is there some other place I can get on line to order these wonderful , interesting calenders?

Review about: Calenders.

Reiman Publications - No magazine delivered

Albany, New York 1 comment

I have had Reiman subscriptions for years. Most recently, Country and Country Extra.

I have had missing issues and issues delivered on the last day of the month. I have inquired about this matter numerous times. Each time I am told the subscription is current, the address is correct and the magazines have been sent on time. I was also told the missing issues would be mailed or added on to the end of my subscription, all of which have NOT.

I was told to contact the post office. That is not MY responsibility. I have emailed Reiman Publisher’s and Reader’s Digest since it looks as if they have taken over Reiman. I get NO response what so ever.

I finally cancelled my accounts and had to ask twice for the refund. I got a DEBIT card, which is fine, but you had to call and have it “authorized” before using it. They stated a debit card is easier, not with that practice.

A check would have been easier for ME. So if anyone out there is having a problem or thinking of subscribing….DO NOT because of their un-excusable practice of not providing customer service.

Review about: Magazine Subscription.



I have had the same problem with both reminisce & reminisce extra. I have had delivery issues with them for the past several years.

I can guarantee you this will be my last year subscribing to these magazines. My elderly father purchased me both magazine subscriptions as a Christmas present. It makes me angry because he is paying with what little money he has and in my opinion, they are stealing it. Every month I have to call and have another issue sent.

I've spoken to managers, supervisors and the post office. It's only their magazine I have issues with. I don't like the way they treat customers. They are rude, condescending and flippant.

I just had to call this morning...again!! I'm over them.

Reiman has changed,not for the better. I'm done.

Reiman Publications - I'd like to renew all my subscriptions on line.

Sunbury, Ohio 0 comments

I have an address to renew Country on line, but not Reminisce. Other than that, I've been totally satisfied with Reiman Publ.

for over a decade. I send many gift subscriptions, including to myself. I've enjoyed all the Reiman Publications since sharing with my mother many, many years ago.

The best thing was the ad-free magazine. That is my one complaint, go back to the way it was, with NO ADVERTISMENT.

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Review about: Magazine Subscription.

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