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Several years ago Roy Reiman sold his publishing company to Readers Digest and most, if not all, of these complaints are actually against Readers Digest. Readers Digest is the company that started inserting all of the ads in the magazines and cut the content in half. Where it had taken me four hours to read one of the magazines, I can now finish the same titles in two hours. Roy Reiman has since started publishing another magazine called Our... Read more

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I keep getting a bill in the mail for the magazine "Taste of Home", but I never ordered the magazine and don't ever remember getting it in the mail. Now they threaten to send the bill to collections for something I never ordered and never received. I think I'll contact the Wisconsin Attorney General's office to see if they've gotten any other complaints. I don't want to call this magazine either because then they'll have my phone number and... Read more

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I spent hours trying to find a return label to no avail. I really like TOH books and magazine, but the annual is too expensive 19.99 plus shipping 5.99 in the USA. They are beautiful books, but since they are now published or say collated in China they should be more affordable. I think selling them at $10.00 or $15.00 (included shipping charge) would encourage more buyers. Anyway, that is my thought. I will get on the phone to get my return... Read more

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I used to LOVE the Quick Cooking publication from Reiman Publications and got subscriptions to it every year. However, as soon as the name changed to Simple & Delicious changes were being made and finally a almost complete overhaul was made. I have not liked this publication since it changed so much after becoming Simple & Delicious. Honestly, I used to love TOH, Cooking Light, Country Woman and the others but I don't like them anymore.... Read more

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They send bills for a nonsense cookbook I never ordered full of recipes I can easily find in magazines or on this amazing invention called the internet. I will no longer be subscribing to their magazine since their response to customer complaints and issues is to completely ignore it. I never received a response besides a shipping label to return it. Guess what? Since it's an illegal practice, I am going to keep my free gift as I feel no... Read more

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I understand and agree with you. I'm not angry with Roy Reiman, in fact, I'm thinking of subscribing to his new magazine, "Our Iowa", and I don't even live in Iowa. :D His response to the PR manager of Reader's Digest was much more kind than I would have been. He did ask the new owner to promise to keep the magazine as it was; they promised, but greed got the best of them, I suppose. I have all of the Reminisce magazines from 1990 or 91, when... Read more

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I have not been pleased with the changes you have made to the Magazine. I want read about women who are not well known. Dolly Parton is not in this category. This may have been a good report but I can pick up many magazines that report the type of information. I am looking for something original with everyday women and their lives, which I feel was focus of the magazine. Please do not change this focus because if you do I will drop my... Read more

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I really enjoy getting my Reminisce Magazine. I started not enjoying my magazine when you started putting more advertisements in each magazine instead of the " good ole' stories ect." This was and even now is the only thing I have enjoyed reading about what is was like in the good ole' days. I got my Reminisce Magazine and counted 20+ pages of advertisement when I first started getting my magazine there was maybe 2or3 pages, that's not bad then... Read more

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I received an offer for a 2 years renewal (plus an additional one year free) for $29.98 less an extra $5 off if I renewed online. This offer was for preferred customers. The link furnished does not work. I tried calling and only got a voice mail/phone tree. I'm spending way to much time on this and probably won't renew due to the hassle. I have always had some problem with renewals with Reiman Publications and it's just not worth the time... Read more

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SCAM? Received Invoice 3rd Notice I spoke with Taste of Home office this morning explaining I'd never subscribed to their magazine. The lady on the phone told me that a '3rd Party Agency' had subscribed for me in 1911 and this was a renewal notice! I'd not received the Taste of Home magazine these past years and told her the same. I was concerned because the letter indicates they will be 'forced to classify my account as delinquent, and... Read more

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